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April 2, 2017

Here at Difference Makers of Hawaii, we believe that we all have gifts and passions so unique to us that it creates a sense of purpose--an innate drive that grows by continuing to seek out what makes us come alive. DMH is fueled by individuals who step out and choose to follow their dreams.



Inspiring people believe that success serves a higher purpose. They are people who feel this obligation to give back, and who are deeply grateful, as they know that their success is hugely dependent upon accidents of birth and circumstance. Inspiring people treasure their beliefs, care about people, and spread the credit, never bragging, or seeking praise. They are individuals who are uplifting.


For our April 2017 Difference Maker, DMH is so excited to introduce the beautiful and talented, Nalani Garza, who we feel is lovely example of inspiration.


Nalani was raised in Kaneohe, and currently resides in Honolulu with her family.



 “I am happily married to my amazing husband Hoku, and together we have two sweet little boys:            Zion (3) and Mateo (1).”



She describes herself as a full-time stay at home mommy, and when she’s not busy with mom life, she loves to stay active and in shape with both fitness and dance. She has also recently started getting into photography and capturing her daily life in motherhood. 


 Last October, Nalani launched a personal blog called, "Love Light Mom Life". She documents different parts of her life and uses it as a vessel to inspire women and moms to walk out their God given purpose every day. 


“I have never dreamt of starting a blog before this, but I really have a passion to encourage and uplift others. It was on my heart to find a way to do so.”


She recognizes that with the way social media is growing, and the fact that we have the world at our palm, and wanted to use her life as a reflection of Christ through her posts on Instagram and Facebook. 



“There can be so many negative things in the social media world, so I wanted to create something that was positive and relatable to those who read it.”


When we asked Nalani about her roll-off-the-tongue blog name, Love Light Mom Life, she shared with us:


Love- is to Love like Jesus loved. The selfless and sacrificial love I aim to live by in my own life and pass on to others.


Light- to be the bright and shining lighthouse that leads people to grow in wisdom and build their own relationship with God.


Mom life- to bring moms together and help comfort them in their own daily struggles, and the comparisons we face with our children every day. 


On Love Light Mom Life blog, she has topics ranging from her marriage, to DIY projects, to healthy living tips, and even product reviews. She also loves to help promote other stay at home moms who have started their own businesses. 


When describing some of the challenges in creating and maintaining her blog, Nalani shares that It can be challenging to make extra time to write material and post it with two kids and an endless agenda, but she tries her best to document events that really are meaningful. That way, they don't seem forced or lose its authenticity just to put a post out.


“My dream for "Love Light Mom Life" is to not only touch local women here in Hawaii, but to impact women all around the world. As a wife and mom, I feel like I'm relatable and hope that it can inspire women to walk in the light and to turn to Jesus in their own life.”


Nalani, you have been born with a true gift, to connect and uplift. May you always remember why you started and never give up on your dreams. 


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Nalani’s Favorite Quote:

"See the light in others and treat them as if that is all you see." –Wayne Dyer



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