In The Zone with Travis Ito

March 15, 2016


What exactly does it mean to be “in the zone?” Travis Ito, entrepreneur and founder of HVN Apparel, tells Difference Makers of Hawaii that being in this state of mind means, “your fears fall away, your mind is focused, your movements are effortless, and you are in the zone. Your sanctuary.  Your haven. This is what you live for.”


Travis Ito is a self-taught graphic designer and a recent business graduate. Combine those two with a passion for entrepreneurship and you get a company fueled by passion for people, graphic art, and the zone!


We acknowledge Travis as a Difference Maker who understands the importance of knowing what drives you, and using that to make a positive impact. He has channeled his appreciation for the environment and his desire to inspire change by creating the concept brand HVN. The mission of the brand is to use quality apparel and apparel accessories as a platform to share an experience, which inspires active lifestyles, encourages creative expression, and cultivates sustainable communities.




The brand also has a not-for-profit entity called the HVN Project. The HVN Project is dedicated to eliminating micro-plastics, litter, and pollutan


ts from Hawaii’s beaches. The mission of the HVN Project is to leave the zone better than how they found it. The HVN Project has gathered 128 community volunteers and has conducted 5 projects at 3 different locations, Ala Moana Beach, Sherwoods and Sunset Beach.



These beach clean ups are held once a month, and as Travis describes it, “It’s a community effort. The more people we can inspire to see the beach zone as a place that we are each responsible for taking care of, the easier it is to get volunteers. More volunteers mean more action and more awareness. All of these benefit communities and ultimately each other.”

Travis tells us that his desire to give back stems from his grandma and how she views life.



“My Grandma is an old school old lady. She lives humbly on a plantation style house on the slopes of Capt. Cook, Kona. She’s always giving more than she receives. It’s always like taking a step back in time when I spend time at her house. Her mentality (giving more) along with the environment are two things that I would like to perpetuate.”


He continues to share that the #HVNproject is a passion project, and as a not-for-profit they depend on volunteers.


“Seeing people essentially donate their time toward something that is good for everyone and not just one single individual is inspiring in itself.”


Although funding, can always be the biggest challenge of great projects like these, Travis focuses on waking up on a HVN Project morning and realizing

the enthusiasm when it comes time to coordinate a cleanup.


“It’s pretty exciting. It’s also very fulfilling after the project is done.”


When we asked Travis, if money and all other factors weren’t of a concern, what would be his dream for the community, he stated,


“I dream of a world of producers. Where we as a society produce only what we need. A world where “hands on,” means building, planting and growing things. Today “hands on” means hands on iPhone. Living a little more like our ancestors would be good for humanity.”


Let Travis’ story inspire you to find your niche, your passion, and once you do, let that first feeling of being “in the zone” drive you to continue to come alive and share it with others.

Follow Travis and the rest of the HVN visionaries @HVNapparel #HVNproject and see others in their zone, #HVNtribe.



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Open your mind. Be formless. Shapeless. Like water. — Bruce Lee



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