December 31, 2015



As the year comes to an end, Difference Makers of Hawaii wants recap our successful Thanksgiving & Christmas Blessings. If you’ve been following along, you already know that for Thanksgiving, DMH selected two families in the community to bless with a hot and ready to eat Thanksgiving Meal. We had the pleasure to spend some time talking story and playing games with one of the families from Mililani, Hawaii.


Our goal of the Thanksgiving Blessing was less about raising money, and more about inviting the community to take a look at those around them and reflect on who would benefit the most. It was less about a meal and more about developing relationships with people. Meeting Theresa and her beautiful family was just as big of blessing for us. What beautiful souls they all are!


The idea for our Christmas Blessing was inspired by simply walking around our neighborhood at the beginning of December.  I was blown away by the amount of lights and the effort I knew that went in to putting them up. I appreciated the beauty and the hard work, and what better way to show appreciation than to bake cake

 I got some feedback from people about how it might be odd to walk up to someone’s house and give them a cake. Others were concerned of how I would react when people declined my offering, and questioned how this was considered “giving back to the community.” With these thoughts in the back of my mind, I decided to proceed and invite others in to making this happen. My mom graciously baked 10 kalua cakes and my sister wrapped them beautifully. Later that night, Adam, Polu and I made our way to 10, very nicely decorated homes in Mililani. The first house was Adam’s favorite. Lights all around and a luscious tree all lit up in the window. We were greeted by Wayne, who gave all the decorating credit to his wife and graciously accepted our small, yet thoughtful gift. It was great to be able to walk up and thank these people for all their hard work they put in to making everyone’s Christmas extra special.


“We do it for all of you guys” is what they all said. To answer the question of how this small act of kindness gives back to the community, well, while it doesn’t end world hunger, it sure does appreciate the beauty of creating spaces for people to make memories and experience moments with loved ones. Thank you to all the families who decorated their homes, all in efforts to spread the Holiday Cheer!


Difference Makers of Hawaii also participated in Angel Tree, and bought gifts for children on behalf of their incarcerated parents. Check out the Salvation Army for more information of how you can be involved all year long!


We hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving and Christmas Holiday! Let’s bring on the New Year!!



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