June 2, 2017

“In the beginning, there was no big scheme about winning world titles or being the best in the world, it was just us enjoying the ocean together.”-Carissa Moore“

For the month of June, DMH is extremely humbled to be able to highlight local celebrity and professional surfer, Carissa Kainani Moore.  The world recognizes Carissa for her dedication, talent, and competitive spirit. We are excited to be able to share her story of family, strength, and person...

April 2, 2017

Here at Difference Makers of Hawaii, we believe that we all have gifts and passions so unique to us that it creates a sense of purpose--an innate drive that grows by continuing to seek out what makes us come alive. DMH is fueled by individuals who step out and choose to follow their dreams.

Inspiring people believe that success serves a higher purpose. They are people who feel this obligation to give back, and who are deeply grateful, as they know that...

December 7, 2016

Thank you to everyone who supported the 2016 Thanksgiving Blessing by following along, sharing our vision, and/or giving to the cause.

A special thank you to my mom, Diane Faustin who funded 50% of one meal and assisted in the seasoning of both turkeys. Thank you to Susan Shinkawa and Family for their generous monetary donation of $50. Kaua Neumann of Papahana Kualoa graciously volunteered to Imu our turkeys, which turned out be really flavorful and de...

November 10, 2016

Halloween has come and gone, Christmas aisles are being filled, and the Pumpkin Spice Latte is back! The Holidays are here, and we are excited to kick off the end of this year with the Difference Makers of Hawaii Intentional Acts of Kindness Tradition.

For the past two years, DMH has switched from making mass Thanksgiving Meals to blessing families with a quality, full course dinner, enough for everyone in the household. Our vision stemmed from the des...

October 24, 2016

Success coach and leadership trainer, Katherine Caprino, describe that there are three types of people in this world,

“Look around you and you’ll see three kinds of people — those who hate their work, and complain bitterly, those who just tolerate their work and see it as a paycheck and aren’t looking for more (or feel they can’t have more), and finally, those who love their work, and relish it. The third category is a small subset of all professionals...

August 29, 2016

Back in January, Difference Makers of Hawaii featured a one-of-a-kind, power couple, who, you could tell, made people better by just being around them. We recognized Christian and Stephanie’s ability to fully know the beauty of the islands, and to share those discoveries with everyone, creating spaces for people to experience moments they never would have. They build these welcoming intervals amongst the busyness of life. We pointed out that these spa...

August 12, 2016

The best part about writing these articles is hearing the stories behind the stories of people who stand firm in their visions, who are faithful to their calling, and who bring their dreams to life. This month of August, Difference Makers of Hawaii are privileged to share the story of Fernando Jaime, which many people know as Pastor Nando.

Originally from Whitmore Village, Nando currently lives in Aiea, and is the Senior Pastor of the Church, The Sanct...

May 28, 2016

On November 2015, Difference Makers of Hawaii recognized Christine Simpson of Shoes for the Homeless Oahu, as the first ever Difference Maker. Since then, we have met amazing, generous, productive, and most of all, humble individuals who utilize their gifts and passions to give back to the community.

We’ve come to find that the common thread between all of our Difference Makers is their ability to persevere despite obstacles and unforeseen challenges....

April 26, 2016

Here at Difference Makers of Hawaii, we are always excited to meet like-minded individuals who not only care about something, but are so passionate about it, they dedicate their lives to it.

This month, we are invited into an 8 year journey of connecting with the people of Bali, Indonesia through kindness and love.

One Heart Ministry leader and second grade Elementary School Teacher, Jamie Perry, exemplifies what Mother Theresa meant when she said,

“Go o...

March 15, 2016

What exactly does it mean to be “in the zone?” Travis Ito, entrepreneur and founder of HVN Apparel, tells Difference Makers of Hawaii that being in this state of mind means, “your fears fall away, your mind is focused, your movements are effortless, and you are in the zone. Your sanctuary.  Your haven. This is what you live for.”

Travis Ito is a self-taught graphic designer and a recent business graduate. Combine those two with a passion for entreprene...

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